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Potsdam Central School District

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Professional Development & Teacher Mentoring

15 Professional Development Skills for Modern Teachers - TeachHUBGreat teachers are passionate about their students and what they teach, and they are purposeful in their planning, preparation, and instruction. Great teachers develop over time through their commitment to learning—both their students’ and their own. And because they recognize that the most important factor for students’ success is the quality of instruction, great teachers pursue continuous improvement.
At PCS, we continually strive to offer innovative, diverse, and challenging learning experiences for our students in a safe, respectful environment.  We are committed to preparing and empowering our students to lead fulfilled lives as compassionate, productive, and engaged citizens.  To this end, the PCS provides it's educators with the support, resources, and guidance to successfully address the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of our school community. 
Mentoring Program
Teachers new to the district participate in a two year mentoring program, in which they work closely with a mentor teacher and participate in group meetings and activities to learn more about our school culture and values, to enhance your teaching skills, and to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. At Potsdam Central, we believe in a “growth mindset.”  Everyone has the ability to grow through dedication and hard work -  improving our skills, which leads to greater growth and ultimately, success.  
Mentoring Topics
    • Assessment, grading, and data-driven instruction
    • Classroom Environment
    • Curriculum & Learning Resources
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    • Effective Teaching
    • Instructional Strategies (District-focus) 
    • Parent Communication
    • Personal & Professional Goal Setting
    • Planning, preparation, and required instructional components
    • Professional Responsibilities & Continued Learning
    • Observations & Evaluation
    • Mentor/Mentee observations
    • Response to Intervention (RtI)
    • Special Education
    • Student Study Teams (SST)
On-going Professional Learning
The goal of professional development (PD) for educators is improvement: Improved instructional strategies, improved teaching, and improved outcomes for students.  At PCS, professional development starts with creating a professional learning plan that addressed five main areas:
  • Active learning
  • Skill development
  • Collaboration
  • Content-focused
  • Support and coaching
Professional development is provided offered through:
    • Classroom visitations
    • School visits
    • Self-directed learning/tutorials
    • Afterschool sessions
    • Half-day and full-day workshops offered in-house by teachers/administrators and off-campus through partner organizations
    • Grade-level and department work sessions
    • Monthly faculty meetings
    • Building and district-wide “un-conferences”
    • Regional, state, and national conferences
Partner organizations
In addition to the use of in-district experts, we will collaborate with the following organizations to provide professional development.
      • Potsdam Teachers’ Learning Center
      • St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
      • SUNY Potsdam
      • NERIC
      • NYSCATE
      • ISTE