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Potsdam Central School District

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The Board of Education recognizes that the use of volunteers strengthens school/community relations through positive participation, builds an understanding of school programs among interested citizens, and can assists district employees in providing more individualized and enriched opportunities in instruction. The Board encourages volunteers from all backgrounds and age groups who are willing to share their time, training, experience or personal characteristics to benefit the students of the district.


School personnel who are responsible for tasks or projects that involve the use of volunteers shall identify appropriate tasks and time schedules for such volunteer activities, as well as make provisions for adequate supervision and evaluation.

For ongoing volunteering opportunities that require the volunteer to operate independently, persons wishing to volunteer must contact the Superintendent or Building Principal or other individual designated by the Superintendent or Building Principal and must complete a volunteer application form. The application form shall require the volunteer applicant to disclose any criminal convictions. The application form shall also require the applicant to identify two non-family member personal references. The Superintendent or Building Principal shall be responsible for ensuring that both references are contacted before the volunteer begins rendering volunteer services to verify that the individual is of good moral character.


The district shall retain a complete record of all information obtained through the application process for the same period of time it retains information regarding district employees.


All volunteers are required to act in accordance with district policies, regulations and school rules. Any staff member who witnesses a volunteer violating district policies, regulations or school rules must report it to the building principal.


School volunteers may not access student personally identifiable information, except if permitted under policy 5500, Student Records.

Each Building Principal shall be responsible for maintaining a current and complete list of all active volunteers and their assignments.

This process does not apply for occasional volunteers such as parents who come in to assist with a supervised class project.