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Potsdam Central School District

First Grader Lends Her Voice to Friend at Winter Concert

Taygen Clark is a first grader at Lawrence Avenue Elementary School in Potsdam. She is just like other little girls her age, except that due to her disabilities she is unable to speak. However, Taygen’s speech therapist has worked hard to teach her to use a special communications device to interact with her peers and express herself. With the first grade winter concert coming up on February 15th, Taygen’s speech therapist and teacher teamed up to create a plan so that Taygen could participate in the concert.

During the performance, Taygen  provided announcements using her device.  For this performance, Taygen was given help from her friend and fellow first grader, Nora Shelly. Nora lent her voice to Taygen’s device by recording the announcements so that she could participate in the performance.