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In most parts of the district we have three wifi networks;

This is the primary wifi network for school (or SLL BOCES) owned computers that allows you to access local resources (printers, files on the network, etc.). However, because this network is filtered, if you are not signed into your device as a staff member, you will have a greater level of restriction. What this means is if you are using a smart phone, tablet, or non-school computer, you are likely better of using one of the other networks. In order to join this wireless network you need to contact the IT Department to have them enter the password for you.

This network is setup for visitors, students, and personal devices (including smart phones, tablets, etc.) and has less filtering restrictions than 'PCS' (but also does not give direct access to local network resources such as printers). There is no password required for this network.

This network is just like 'guest' except it requires a password. The password is: sandstoner (all lower case). The password is added to protect YOUR device by encrypting all data between your device and the wired network (this helps prevents others from spying on your private information).

Note: The goal is to have all three of these networks available in all academic locations, however, as of the date of this posting (2/13/2014), the 'guest' and 'guest-secure' networks are only in the High School, Middle School, and a few locations in the Elementary School (such as the Library). In the future, our goal is to expand the coverage areas but if you are expecting to require coverage, it is best to test for coverage before any event that will required wireless access.