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 Attendance Policy
If your child is absent from school for the day, parents need to send in a note giving reason for that absence. Legal excuses include illness, court appearances, medical appointment, religious observances, and impassable weather. 
 Annual Screening Notification
Annually the nurse provides vision, hearing, height, weight, and BMI screenings for the mandated grade levels. Our school physician is available to perform mandated physical exams. Should any abnormal findings the nurse will notify parents/guardians through a phone call or mailing to your home. If you do not hear from the nurse you may assume that your child passed their screening.
 Heath Related Dismissal Policy
Health issues often require children to be dismissed early from school. Typical reasons for dismissal include fever over 100, vomiting, and/or pain unrelieved by rest that interrupts learning. We ask that parents provide working phone numbers for emergency contacts in the event that your child needs to be sent home.
 Medication Administration Policy

In order for the nurse to administer medication, whether prescription or over the counter, we must have a valid prescription from a licensed professional. Parents or guardians need to bring the medication into school in the original container clearly labeled with the child’s name. Parents will be notified by phone call or note home when their child’s medication is running low or has expired. 

Students are not allowed to transport medications either to or from school, nor are they allowed to self-administer medication during the day without express permission from the nurse and written permission from their doctor.