Potsdam Educational Opportunities Fund



What is the Potsdam Educational Opportunities Fund (PEOF)?

The PEOF represents concerned parents and others who have joined to provide Potsdam Central School educators with resources to enhance learning experiences reaching beyond the scope of the school curriculum.  The PEOF, operating under the auspices of the Northern New York Community Foundation, has launched a program of raising money and granting funds to PCS teachers and staff for the enhancement of their work with students, on the basis of competitive proposals.  The PEOF Advisory Committee, representing a broad cross-section of parents, community leaders, and concerned citizens, is working in close collaboration with PCS teachers and administrators to develop a strong and ongoing system of support for the most creative and successful initiatives that can be provided to Potsdam students.


How can you give to PEOF?

The fundraising efforts of the PEOF have been significantly leveraged through a pledge by an anonymous couple, both alumni of Potsdam schools, to match gifts to the Fund up to $100,000 on a one-to-one basis for program support (an ‘annual’ fund) and a two-for-one basis toward an endowment (a ‘sustaining’ fund; note that the donors are providing the ‘2’ in the 2-for-1 match) that will carry the mission of the Fund securely into the future. 

You can donate to PEOF by filling out this form [PDF] [DS1] and sending it and your check to the Northern New York Communication Foundation, indicating that the gift is for PEOF. 


Please make checks payable to: NNY Community Foundation


Mail to:       120 Washington St., Suite 400

Watertown, NY 13601


NNY Community Foundation is a 501(c) 3 corporation.

All contributions are tax deductible.


What has PEOF done?

In the 2012-2013 school year we gave nearly $6000 to several projects at Potsdam Central.  You can read more about these projects in our Spring 2013 Newsletter[DS2] 


Upcoming PEOF Events

First Year Celebration!


October 24, 2013 6pm-8pm Thatcher Hall @ SUNY Potsdam (upstairs from Dexter’s Cafe)

Finger food, light beverages & cash bar will be available

Music by Potsdam Central School students

Please join us to learn how you can help provide educational enrichment opportunities for Potsdam School children through the Potsdam Educational Opportunities Fund (PEOF). The mission of the fund is to provide Potsdam K-12 educators with resources to enhance learning experiences that reach beyond the scope of the mandated curriculum. PEOF is supported by community members and operates under the auspices of the Northern New York Community Foundation.  Projects are funded based on proposals from PCS teachers and staff. 

r.s.v.p. by October 17, 2013    juliehelenbrook@yahoo.com


Do you have questions or comments?

Please contact Devon Shipp (dshipp@clarkson.edu) or any other Advisory Committee members if you have questions.


Potsdam Educational Opportunities Fund Advisory Committee Members

Devon A. Shipp
(Chair, Clarkson University/Parent)

Michael Sitton
(Vice-chair, SUNY Potsdam)

Julie Helenbrook
(Secretary, Parent)

Joel Foisy
(SUNY Potsdam/Parent)

Ellen Hayes
(Sandstoner Foundation)

Bojan Petrovic

Tracy Wannamaker
(SUNY Potsdam/Parent/PCS Music Friends)

Danielle Gray
(Board of Education)

Mary Evans-Welpe
(Speech Pathologist/Parent)


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